The Things That You Carry and a Place for Every One of Them

Keys. Earrings. A watch. Your smartphone. We carry a great many things on our person each day. Come evening, it sure would be nice to have a place to put 'em all so we know where to find them come morning. And now there is.

Introducing Cade&Co valet trays. For you nightstand. By your front door. Or your office desk. Think of them as a corral for all things intimate and important to you. We should mention that these trays are stylish and supple. The textures and colors are as handsome as they are exciting.

Like all our Cade&Co products, each tray is made from all-natural leather, and each is handcrafted in Park City, Utah. Thanks to their clever design, they fold flat for traveling. Forgive us, but we think they are a thing of beauty.

In large (6" x 7") and small (4"x 5"). Your objects of desire will thank you.


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